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 In the fall of 1919, William Henderson and Max Sladkin joined forces and formed the Ace Motor Corporation. And by 1922 Ace Motor Corporation was on the fast track of Motorcycle production. Almost 100 years after his death, Henderson’s passion for the inline 4 motorcycle engine has proven to be remarkably forward thinking. Many of the world’s fastest superbikes have used the configuration. William Henderson will be remembered as one of the pioneers of motorcycle design. He took the four-cylinder concept guided it to fruition and proved its worth.

Our story; the rebirth of a Legend Ace Motorcycles


A couple of old school thinking gear head guys were sitting on the front porch talking about motorcycles and business and what they could possibly do to make a impact and changes lives. And said to the other you should look into Ace Motorcycles because it was a long ago legendary motorcycle company that is no longer with us. And so he looked into further and found it would be the very mission they had always wanted so he did the trademark. Then he did all the research and they found out that it was going to be the greatest and started to bring back a Legendary Motorcycle to life. So the two guys agreed and moved forward with the Ace Motorcycle venture. And that is how it all started. 


So coming up with what goes into making my mind up on a style and build of a motorcycle. So when you take into account what I have done with cars and motorcycles and take all that experience then decide what’s next it becomes a little clearer. Having found the right combination to make it good and to know that the majority of mechanical and electrical. After research and digging deep into the motorcycling archives we found Henderson's Ace motorcycle design. We need to design the chassis for the ultimate performance and lightweight to suit the motor. Keep the bodywork very reserved and simple to show off the engineering and design of the chassis. 


Our Mission for Ace Motorcycle Company is an action-oriented, international company, a leader in its commitment to continuously improve a quality of life the end users and our beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, government, and society. Ace believes the key to success is to balance interests through the empowerment of all activities motorcycling. We are developing outreach partnerships activities to help globally. We are about fulfilling dreams through the experiences of motorcycling and gear by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in all markets. Our goal is to be a leader in delivering a US built quality motorcycle and parts, accessories, gear, and more.